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Preparing for Bed Bug Extermination – What You Need to Do

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When you discover bedbugs in your home, it is vital that you act quickly to prevent the infestation from becoming something uncontrollable. The most effective way to ensure that the extermination process is done according to the books is by reaching out to a certified and accredited merkem pest solutions exterminator.

If perchance you are the owner of your apartment or house, and bed bugs infest it, you must be swift in contacting the extermination company. As it is important you are quick with reporting the infestation; it is also important that you hire the services of a certified professional.

If on the other you are just a tenant and you find that your home is infested with bed bugs, it is advised that you reach out to the owner of the building so they can contact a personal control service to deal with the issue.

Regardless of you being a tenant or the owner, you need to pay close attention to the instructions of the exterminator concerning preparing the infested location for extermination. It is essential that you follow recommendation during the extermination process and after the extermination process. Each step is very much necessary, and you can’t afford to cut corners if you want your home and your family free from bed bugs.

Getting Your Premises Ready Before Extermination

Before the bed bug exterminator arrives:

Ensure that all the rooms are cleared. See to it that no clothes or objects are left lying around so that you don’t complicate situations and create a place for them to hide.

Empty the closet and furniture drawers on infested rooms and ensure that the rugs and curtains are removed.

Clothes, bed sheets, fabrics and other infested items should be treated.

Fabrics are the items crafted from woven materials, such as curtains, bed sheets, clothing, etc. There are different treatment for the other type of objects and fabrics when you want to exterminate bed bugs from your home.

  • Treatment in the Dryer

This is the best way that bed bugs can be eliminated. The infested objects and fabrics are placed directly in the dryer. Turn on the dryer and operate it at a very high temperature for amount 35 minutes.

  • Treatment in the Washer

If you don’t have a dryer in your residence or perhaps of the fabrics are dirty, it is only right that they are washed before being dried. They can be treated while in the washer.

It is vital that the following conditions are respected when one wants to eliminate adult bed bugs and their young ones.

  • Do a complete wash cycle
  • Make use of hot water. The Water temperature in question must be about 60 °C (140 °F)

Verify the condition of bedsprings, mattresses, and upholstered furniture

  • If they are not damaged, it is important that you treat them with nothing but hot steam. Place the bedsprings or mattresses in the anti-bedbug cover right after being treated.
  • If on the other hand, it is damaged, ensure that they are rendered unusable by tearing with scissors or a knife. After that, wrap them in thick plastic bags or slipcovers. Close the plastic bags or slipcovers tightly, just so that nothing goes in or goes out before being thrown away. It is advised that you don’t get new furniture until the infestation is such and under control.
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